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Thought shapes I – VIII

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Instagram: Banjubec

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Catriona Watson, owner of Clear Space for Me and Banjubec

Clear Space for Me ceased trading in February 2020, and is now no longer available as a decluttering service. However, I warmly encourage you to read the decluttering blog that I have created and am sharing via this site. Now is being a valuable time to reflect on all of the many wonderful things I have learnt from my decluttering clients. The Oxford streetscape feels different now.

My decluttering work has helped me recognise how much my creativity can be boosted by better organisation. Banjubec is the consequence of a better-curated approach to my creative life. I aim to make a focus for creativity and communication that enables me to share my creative work more widely, and more nourishingly. Please follow @banjubec on Instagram, or email

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Huge thanks to Nikki Shield from Designs Like These for the original branding and website design for Clear Space for Me. Here is the new use of that original website, which was too beautiful to throw away.

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