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Whole house project, about 90% complete

A declutterer's musings - life after Clear Space for Me

Our homes are a focus for our lives. Our paperwork, clothes, collections and general interests are part of our life story. Our homes will unavoidably gather ‘stuff’ as we move through a cluttered world, and the idea of a ‘clutter problem’ is a loose one that covers a variety of different kinds of problem for different people. Often it’s just hard to keep up with the activity that surrounds us and the demands of contemporary life. Working with the support of a declutterer can free up your internal resources to help you live your life to the full, in a way that is tailored to you. Help from an unbiased source can help you declutter more effectively than if you had worked alone.

In an uncluttered home, we can uncover our real resource base. From here, decision-making is easier and we can move forward.

I’m Catriona Watson, a retired professional organiser based in Oxford, UK. I’m not seeing clients any more, but still hold a huge love and fascination for decluttering as an activity and a process.

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You can learn more about the professional organising industry from the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, UK. For more information about the work professional organisers do in the UK, and to find an organiser near you, please visit the APDO website. Professional organisers registered with APDO work to an established ethical framework and receive training and mentoring to provide the best service to you.

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Find out about your local recycling options at

Decluttering is a truly wonderful thing to do. 

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