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Trio Clear Space for Me
A bit about me

Hi, I’m Catriona Watson.

I’m often asked, ‘what did you do before you became a declutterer?’

Interestingly, lots of the things I did beforehand turned out to be very useful for helping others declutter.  I studied Sociology and Educational Theory at Oxford Brookes. Since then, I’ve been a basic skills teacher, supporting adults who were picking up literacy and numeracy skills they missed out on. I’ve worked in bookselling, and the fairtrade market, encouraging people to buy things and fill their homes with them; I know the retail perspective and the joy of a great purchase well. Volunteering in high street charity shops has helped me learn how these organisations help to redistribute our donations. I’ve worked as a finance administrator for a small charity, which in organisational terms was a dynamic and busy project. The more I found how much my own personal muddle-headedness was helped by decluttering my own home, the greater the inspiration for working with other people’s home environments.

My work with decluttering clients began in January 2014.

A declutterer’s role is less well known in the UK and individuals working here in this area significantly create their own training opportunities, providing unique and valuable perspectives. It would not be helpful to address the struggle that clutter problems brings without attempting to understand its causes and manifestations. In this, my APDO guidance has been crucial. I have undertaken over 100 hours of learning with volunteer clients whose feedback has been invaluable. To provide the best possible service, I also use personal supervision.

Additional Training

I am:

  • ICO registered and have public indemnity and liability insurance
  • Developmental coach registered with ICF
  • Guided by the APDO code of ethics
  • References and online enhanced DBS certificate are available upon request
  • Available within 10 miles of Oxford city



APDO Conference, March 2019 (part of conference organising team)

Mental Health First Aid training (updated), Restore, January 2019



Working with hoarding behaviour, Jo Cooke,  OCTS, June 2018

Safeguarding (Adults), OSAB, March 2018

APDO Conference, March 2018 (part of conference organising team)

Group coaching (4 days), Graham Wilson, OUDCE, February 2018


APDO Conference, March 2017

Advanced Coaching skills (30 hours), Graham Wilson, OUDCE, April 2017

Intermediate decluttering business development (mentoring and training, APDO) in May 2017

Workshop: “The Loneliness of Loss”, Archway Foundation, September 2017

Establishing and maintaining professional boundaries, Dee Keane, OCTS October 2017

Stress, resilience and wellbeing, OCTS, November 2017


APDO Conference, March 2016

Motivational Interviewing (2 day course), Oxford Cooperative Training Scheme, April 2016

UK promotional event of ‘Spark Joy’ with Marie Kondo, courtesy of Red Magazine’s wellness campaign, January 2016

‘Handle with Care’ immersive theatre by Dante or Die, a site specific performance (in a storage unit) relating to a life story narrated through possessions, July 2016

Introduction to Coaching (30 hrs contact time), Graham Wilson, Oxford University Department of Continuing Education (OUDCE),  October 2016

Responding to those experiencing loneliness, Archway foundation, October 2016


‘Tales from the trenches’, Anne Bulmer, Institute for Professional Organisers (USA), March 2015 (APDO conference)

Personal safety for the PO and client, Anne Bulmer, March 2015

Interactive basic training on hoarding, safety and ethics, Hilde Verdijk, March 2015

Introduction to Professional Organising (UK specific), APDO, November 2015

Group work as a helping tool (1 day course), Oxford Cooperative Training Scheme, November 2015


Certificate in Personal Coaching (2 days), Coaching Academy UK,  January 2014

Mental Health First Aid, Restore, January 2014

Introduction to Life Coaching, Oxfordshire adult education service, February 2014

Understanding Chronic Disorganisation, with Holde Verdijk from the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation (Netherlands), March 2014

Understanding ADHD, ADD and Aspergers (APDO introductory training at members’ conference), March 2014

Organisational needs in ADD, Dyslexia and Autism ( 1-1), Karima Brooke,  Oxford Specific Learning Disability Tutors Group, August 2014

‘Stuffocation’ – promotional event with writer James Wallman discussing happiness and clutter, October 2014

Hoarding awareness training for professional organisers by Clouds End CIC and Surrey Fire Service, November 2014

Feel free to read my terms and conditions here and see how they fit with your requirements.

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