Destroy In Order To Create – Ending Creative Blocks

Destroy in order to create – ending creative blocks

Bringing about the end of a piece of work is as much a commitment as starting it. This commitment is about recognising what doesn't work, or what we no longer want. To destroy a piece of your own creative work is to announce your commitment to your creative self, and your belief of the importance of what you bring into the world that didn't exist in it before.   “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All…

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Tricky Decisions

Tricky decisions

I won't deny that decluttering my own home is a great pleasure. But heck - we all have our dark side. And sometimes those decisions just ARE tough. Family history, our hopes for our creative futures, the future we don't yet know, heirlooms... it all comes together in a giant frightwig of emotional intensity. Tempers get frayed. People just don't understand. Phew! So, what can we do? 1 - try and clean up. There's something about a clean muddle that…

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Treasures We Can Enjoy All Over Again

Treasures we can enjoy all over again

I think everyone has moments where they are simply too busy to organise the fine detail, and have to make do with an approximation of orderliness. So for me it's been a treat when the new site has been created, to take time to find the right photos for blog posts, out of a sea of photo material that gets gathered during decluttering sessions but not always very well examined. And look at the memories of the good times! Sometimes…

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Making your home your friend

One of my clients calls his home 'a machine for living'. There are basic tasks it needs to be able to complete in order to function properly as a home, and I've listed a few of them here. But I would also add that when your home is your 'friend' and not just a 'machine', it will carry you through bad times. Steady home systems bring routine and calm. In my younger days I may have found this incredibly boring, but…

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A previously unknown narrator

Imagine a dig where some broken pots, maybe even a piece of  jewellery, are unearthed by a team of archaeologists. From these finds, the archaeologists learn about the people who lived in this settlement long ago and are able to build a loose idea of what happened there. Apart from the finds there is mud, a field, a building site. The unknown. The tools they use could be a mechanical digger, a pickaxe, a brush. The nuance of approach varies considerably with what…

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Hunny everywhere?

A client has been in touch lately and we have been thinking about the courage it takes to start a decluttering process. Her partner lovingly pulls her leg. Her friends want to help but end up giving advice and saying 'helpful' things that are ultimately upsetting. She bit the bullet and called me - now what? There are some things I can do to help. The first thing is to try to find out a  bit about you - your strengths, what your inner…

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Bring your talents out

It must be pretty common to enjoy doing a craft, but to have to acknowledge to yourself that actually, you're not that skilled at it. But you like having a crack at it. No harm done. Perhaps it's part of your family culture, and along the road you've inherited the tools and impedimenta connected to that craft. A couple of generations of good intentions. Hands up, knitters of the nation! Your first task is to gather all of the tools…

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Christmas Part 2: Declutter your Christmas Rituals

Christmas-making is an art form that anyone can get good at. In fact, by the time you've left home, it's unlikely that Santa will be coming down the chimney as he used to, and unless you get busy you might have quite a depressing festive season. Yes, we approach this time with a certain amount of anxiety. But actually, much is in our hands. The different Christmas 'types' What kind of Christmas-maker are you? person of a religious grouping Christian,…

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Christmas Part 1: Organise your Christmas Shopping

Many people approach the Christmas season with dread. An expensive, stressful time, it brings unreasonable expectations and challenges our sense of wellbeing. I had an interesting chat with a handful of other professional organisers from the Association Professional Declutterers and Organisers last week, about our 'readiness' for Christmas. Here are some top tips from the professionals about how to survive the season: What they said Ignore the traditional Christmas shopping timetable Only buy things you think your friends will actually…

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