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An initial assessment appointment will normally take an hour and a half and costs £70. I will email a summary of our discussion to the client within 24 hours to support any further discussions that the client may want to have with others.

One-to-one home visit

My time will be charged at £35 an hour for an onsite visit, available from Monday to Friday. This includes things like gloves, masks, sticky labels and so on. The nature of the relationship we form as a working team is also reflected in this fee. A typical three hour session will cost £105.

Workshop / troubleshooting

A place at a 90-minute decluttering workshop will cost £25. Please see Workshops tab for more information.


Value for money

A decluttering session will ideally last for three hours. It is recommended to keep sessions to this length if possible, to best experience the impact of decluttering and organising work but also take into account how mentally exhausting it is for the client. I try to set the work up as much as possible for clients to work independently between sessions if they want to. This will keep costs down, and I strongly encourage using time between sessions in this way. I have found that clients are often keen to be given ‘homework’.

Payment for services is due on the day of provision of services. Clients or their supporters can pay in cash, by card, by cheque, via bank transfer, or online via Paypal.

I am not currently registered for VAT.

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