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Treasures we can enjoy all over again

I think everyone has moments where they are simply too busy to organise the fine detail, and have to make do with an approximation of orderliness. So for me it’s been a treat when the new site has been created, to take time to find the right photos for blog posts, out of a sea of photo material that gets gathered during decluttering sessions but not always very well examined. And look at the memories of the good times!

Sometimes it great to be reminded. When clients are depressed, or just not feeling very motivated, these photos tell important stories about ourselves that can powerfully support our more enthusiastic selves.


Similarly, jewellery, clothes and letters all have the power to take us back to old times. The piles of muddle themselves can tell us a story about ourselves that is unneccesarily negative, but which can be hard to break through. I love helping people achieve a ‘break out’ from their own overwhelm, back to the memories of better times, meaningful change, or powerful lesssons learnt.  These are all treasures. I think even our failures can speak to us about our life fully lived – no-one can achieve success without the experience of efforts that didn’t work out.


So, let’s head on in to the confusion of our clutter, bringing out a physical clarity that will be reflected in our minds as a new mental clarity. Let’s tap in to the ‘wealth’ of our life experience, feel our resourcefulness, and take a few deep breaths as we enjoy our new-found spaciousness. Space we can now fill with what is important to us – people, hobbies, rest,  even stillness.


To be honest, possibly also with more mess. Don’t be too hard on yourself about that. Even as they say, ‘you never walk into the same river twice’, you can be sure that your newly cluttered space is still a different world than the the old one you left behind.


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