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My business first started as a 1-1 service and I am happy to have worked with many people at their homes, overcoming overwhelm, gradually restoring existing organisational systems, or getting things to a place where people can build a future from a secure resource base.

All of clients come with a variety of different needs, and working 1-1 is a great way to accomodate these. Some may be already receiving support for mental health concerns from a specialist practitioner, and as a declutterer I am happy to offer a sympathetic background process to this work. Others just have a big backlog of tidying as a result of responsibilities towards others, poor physical health, or any number of other reasons why life gets in the way of living the way we would like to.

I start with an initial assessment of the task ahead of us, which includes getting some idea of the sort of things that would be helpful to a client, and an idea of the condition of the environment the client is living in. I then write a written summary of this meeting to clarify that we are ‘on the same page’ which I share with the client. They are welcome to share it with trusted people in their life and I am always glad to hear when a client is getting positive reinforcement of their efforts from others.

Some people stop there. One client described her initial assessment as ‘astonishingly helpful’ and is taking her time to decide what further support she actually needs.

Others then undertake the regular three hour sessions that help address a clutter issue, of whatever nature, steadily and gently. I generally suggest that we work no longer than three hours at a time, because fatigue can lead to poor decision-making, and not more often than once a week.

Please contact me to discuss in further detail how I might be able to help you.

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