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Blogs I love:

Joshua Becker  – his blog, ‘Becoming Minimalist’ shows great insight into how deep a good decluttering experience can potentially go

UfYH  (Unfuck Your Habitat)- this blog has a slightly greater emphasis on cleaning than I do, but engages helpfully with those who are cluttered because they are struggling with a chronic health issue of some kind



Clear Space for Me in the media:

Clear Space for Me was featured in Oxford Today,  an online news source for Oxford

Film Oxford students made a film about Clear Space for Me as part of the International Women’s Festival celebrations in Oxford in 2015



Professional declutterers tools:

View the clutter image scale for an overview of the spectrum of clutter difficulties people may experience (a tool used regularly by clutter professionals and the fire service in the UK)

The APDO website (of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) is a great place to find out about decluttering in the UK

NAPO (National Association of Professional Organisers) offers a similar model in the US. The ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganisation) is also based in the US. UK organisers learn a lot through our connections with overseas organisations, such as those in the States, as the UK industry is still in its early days.

Some evidence supporting our growing understanding of the impact of clutter has been gathered in this infographic by MakeSpace (from the US).




To find out more about recycling opportunities near you, and options for disposing of specific items, visit the Recycle Now website



Recommended resources for individuals with hoarding disorder

Satwant Singh – (London)

Jo Cooke and Amanda Peet – (Newbury)

Overcoming Hoarding with CBT techniques self help book


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