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How Are You? – Busy!

How are you? – Busy!

I've just come back from  a two-day conference with APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and as usual it's been full of brilliant ideas and new ways of looking at the decluttering issues we face today. One of the most common problems I see my clients facing is not having enough time to do the actions behind the clutter - make that phone call, read that article - let alone put things away or do routine maintenance. One client books her…

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The waiting…

I was lucky enough to have a visit from an APDO colleague at my home to discuss some PR material she'd made for her work, and we'd agreed she would come over to my place. I knew for sure, because I've met her before, we've talked on the phone, I've read some of her news articles, and so on, that she really really isn't someone who'd entertain a single judgemental thought about the state of my home. But... as I…

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Become that person! #NOW2015

Sometimes it's easy to take pride in one's own untidiness, and love your mess! I admit that I quite like a degree of scruffiness in my own home, albeit within parameters of orderliness. It helps me feel relaxed. But there are times when that approach lets us down. Our inability to turn up on time, be focussed, remember things and people earns us an undesirable reputation and gets in the way of our life happiness. The good news, however, is…

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Co-operative and strategic approach

I write to recommend Trio Watson on the basis of my experience of her over the past year. She has helped me to organise and reduce the clutter in my house. Although I understand there is not a formally recognised qualification for this work, she is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, and her work with me was part of the training she arranged for herself, following the guidelines recommended by that organisation. I was fortunate…

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How to fold a fitted sheet

The president of the UK Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (Ingrid Jansen) demonstrates here how to fold a fitted sheet. It truly is a before/ after moment - once you master it you do become a slightly different person. In a good way.

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My first ever APDO Conference

I got some initial training. I met my idol Karen Kingston, a woman who had been inspirational when I first started decluttering my own home, so that was fabulous. I shaped my initial vision after a couple of very clear leadings from the trainers (who have saved me a great deal of misery). I connected with another fledgling businesswoman who later became my accountability partner (Jules) and set up mentoring from Kate and Lesley. I entered a new world. Already, a dream…

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Me at the very beginning

This was my first ever promotional photo, used with practice clients and in my first documents. I think the first day the business was conceived was some time in September 2013 when a careers advisor said  'so, blue sky thinking, what would you really like to do?' and I answered unhesitatingly, 'I'd like to become an organiser and declutterer' and showed him the APDO website.

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First thing- signing up to APDO

I'm very excited to be in contact with these people! The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (UK)  promote good practice and offer a lot of training opportunities and resources to practitioners. They also are instrumental in helping people find a local declutterer via their website. My probationary membership started in March 2014.

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