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Bring your talents out

It must be pretty common to enjoy doing a craft, but to have to acknowledge to yourself that actually, you're not that skilled at it. But you like having a crack at it. No harm done. Perhaps it's part of your family culture, and along the road you've inherited the tools and impedimenta connected to that craft. A couple of generations of good intentions. Hands up, knitters of the nation! Your first task is to gather all of the tools…

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Seeing the space emerge

I wasn't too worried before Trio came- it was a present so I wondered what I would say if it was unhelpful, but I was pretty hopeful from the start. Decluttering is something I've wanted to do for ages and I knew I needed to have help. My friend had spoken to her. My best bit was just seeing the space emerge. I'm now very aware of how much more I've got to do. Seeing order emerge was great -…

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Everybody has one…

A particular job around the house I particularly hate doing. A special attachment to a particular kind of item, such as  little bottles and miniature packaging. An item that lovingly links me with a celebrity. An item that manifests my true beauty in a way the World will never really understand. A letter in a bottle, now adrift, waiting for the lighthouse of my organising mind to bring it safely to the beach. A friend, waiting? A childhood momento that is 'part of me'. A weary…

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How Are You? – Busy!

How are you? – Busy!

I've just come back from  a two-day conference with APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and as usual it's been full of brilliant ideas and new ways of looking at the decluttering issues we face today. One of the most common problems I see my clients facing is not having enough time to do the actions behind the clutter - make that phone call, read that article - let alone put things away or do routine maintenance. One client books her…

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Co-operative and strategic approach

I write to recommend Trio Watson on the basis of my experience of her over the past year. She has helped me to organise and reduce the clutter in my house. Although I understand there is not a formally recognised qualification for this work, she is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, and her work with me was part of the training she arranged for herself, following the guidelines recommended by that organisation. I was fortunate…

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Tidying for comfort

As stress-relieving behaviours go, tidying has to be one of the best there is. It does not make you gain weight. It doesn't cost anything (although you may be tempted to buy stationery!) and it doesn't require special equipment. You can do it when it's raining outside and you don't have to be particularly fit. It helps with revision and providing a clear mental schema of what you need to do next. Oh! what joy! Some people require orderliness to improve mental…

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Let it go!

Let it go!  A Disney song that has touched adults and children alike. This video sequence from the film 'Frozen' tickles me in that it touches how decluttering my living space, over time, showed me how I've learnt to let go of small things, and learnt how to let go. The risks got bigger as I grew more confident about making decisions like that. Ask yourself, is this something I want to keep? When your heart says no... let it go.

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Having Trio here is really good

"I was worried I'd be pressured into throwing away something I wanted to keep. That didn't happen. Trio suggested things I didn't initially choose to, but when I realised I would never need them, I agreed. She wasn't pushy about throwing away things with sentimental value or keepsakes, but cautious. I loved buying my new stationery products and admiring them - they looked so much better. I loved seeing the box we'd started with, empty - knowing we'd filed everything.…

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How to fold carrier bags into triangles

I know a lady who likes her stuff as it is, thank you very much. Does not want help of any kind. Today she suprised me by sending me a video of how to fold carrier bags into triangles for storage or travel. So, I'll make no comment, just share it with you. Voila.

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I often get asked for it, and people do seem to really appreciate it as it does keep the ball rolling. I don't insist on it, and I never assume it will actually get done. But... I do think that steering people so that they can use time between sessions in a helpful way saves a lot of time and can actually take away some of the stress or anxiety rather than add to it. Here is an example:  …

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