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A previously unknown narrator

Imagine a dig where some broken pots, maybe even a piece of  jewellery, are unearthed by a team of archaeologists. From these finds, the archaeologists learn about the people who lived in this settlement long ago and are able to build a loose idea of what happened there. Apart from the finds there is mud, a field, a building site. The unknown. The tools they use could be a mechanical digger, a pickaxe, a brush. The nuance of approach varies considerably with what…

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Vehicles for emotion – the 'love' bag

No kidding, but decluttering can bring up emotions: wistful memories of times past we will never see again, or dread of things we will have to address even though we hoped we would never have to. Lots of things. Some decisions are just not going to be quick ones, and lots of brewing and mulling and adjusting needs to happen over time. This is fine, so let's call it what it is. If you have artworks that must be preserved, then the…

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Not-quite museum pieces

Be aware that every museum has a curatorship whose job is decide what to display and how to manage the museum's collection. I used to work in a museum store, where individuals often approached us with items they were convinced were of some historical value and should be on display for the public benefit. The museum staff were in the tricky position of explaining that the item in question was in fact a fairly unremarkable item, in relatively poor condition…

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The magic workshop

Mr Gomersall's workshop gives me most delicious shivers every time I go there. As a restorer of antique furniture (and reupholsterer) his workshop contains a thousand treasures. From swatches of fabric to odd-shaped bits of foam, soft woollen blankets to a collection of pairs of pliers, each is a contribution to the whole. Makes me want to get out a sketchbook and draw it. And may I point out, that whole is a working business that sees customers nearly every…

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