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A previously unknown narrator

Imagine a dig where some broken pots, maybe even a piece of  jewellery, are unearthed by a team of archaeologists. From these finds, the archaeologists learn about the people who lived in this settlement long ago and are able to build a loose idea of what happened there. Apart from the finds there is mud, a field, a building site. The unknown. The tools they use could be a mechanical digger, a pickaxe, a brush. The nuance of approach varies considerably with what…

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Curating our worlds ourselves

I owe a huge thank you to Susan Kirby of Sort and Survive for a few of the ideas included in this post. Her perspective of museum curatorship applied to our personal clobber has been very moving, and deeply enriching, to me. Her relationship with me is one of many enabled by our APDO involvement, and I have used her perspective with a number of my clients. When on holiday one year, I visited the Jacques Brel museum in Brussels.…

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The 'junk drawer'

My 'junk'... this word is a shorthand for a complex mixture of precious and not so precious things. In the picture above are a deeply loved selection of stones, house keys, the dog lead...a number of useful things. The drawer's contents when  I found them were  made impenetrable not only by the drawer's muddle but by the fact we don't really have a helpful name for this collection of things, only an increasing sense of shame about it. Increasingly that made the drawer…

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