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Treasures We Can Enjoy All Over Again

Treasures we can enjoy all over again

I think everyone has moments where they are simply too busy to organise the fine detail, and have to make do with an approximation of orderliness. So for me it's been a treat when the new site has been created, to take time to find the right photos for blog posts, out of a sea of photo material that gets gathered during decluttering sessions but not always very well examined. And look at the memories of the good times! Sometimes…

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Bring your talents out

It must be pretty common to enjoy doing a craft, but to have to acknowledge to yourself that actually, you're not that skilled at it. But you like having a crack at it. No harm done. Perhaps it's part of your family culture, and along the road you've inherited the tools and impedimenta connected to that craft. A couple of generations of good intentions. Hands up, knitters of the nation! Your first task is to gather all of the tools…

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Curating our worlds ourselves

I owe a huge thank you to Susan Kirby of Sort and Survive for a few of the ideas included in this post. Her perspective of museum curatorship applied to our personal clobber has been very moving, and deeply enriching, to me. Her relationship with me is one of many enabled by our APDO involvement, and I have used her perspective with a number of my clients. When on holiday one year, I visited the Jacques Brel museum in Brussels.…

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The 'one day…' cupboard has had it's day

I knew Trio so I wasn't worried- I placed myself in her hands confidently. I have a lot of dust. I'm tidyish rather than clean but my standards are always acceptable. I couldn't believe how much got done in so short a time - we filled my car after 2 hours work. It's just placed the whole subject of clutter higher up my agenda. My favourite part is opening up that 'one day...' cupboard door and just seeing how it…

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From chaos to resourcefulness

  Resource no 1: your life story Stuff that is broken, out of date, or that refers to a life we don't live any more, doesn't serve us. In a cupboard, it might be choking shelf space that could be used for things we treasure, want to reuse or have access to for personal reasons. Safely disposing of a pile of broken suitcases might bring about an opportunity to store and re read old letters and go out in the garden with…

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Not-quite museum pieces

Be aware that every museum has a curatorship whose job is decide what to display and how to manage the museum's collection. I used to work in a museum store, where individuals often approached us with items they were convinced were of some historical value and should be on display for the public benefit. The museum staff were in the tricky position of explaining that the item in question was in fact a fairly unremarkable item, in relatively poor condition…

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What the happy couple said

"We don't yet know what we will need in our married life. We ask friends to give us something like CDs or DVDs that we could share with other people." I'm so proud of them! I gave a bottle of really nice wine and a CD of my favourite love song. A friend teased me that, given that the CD could be burned onto a computer and the empty bottle recycled, this was practically a self- destructing  wedding present. I…

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