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Clutter and the Oxford housing crisis

In Oxford, where Clear Space for Me is based, there is increasing panic about the high cost of housing and the insecurity that comes with it. It is close to impossible to recruit key workers, as they cannot afford to live here. Some sources have talked about a city that is 'on the point of imploding'. Rental properties are expensive and insecure. Homelessness is very visible in our city and it frightens people. Obviously, decluttering cannot deliver a better paid…

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Considerations on shopping and owning less

I’m discovering that the focus which comes after decluttering can be summed up in one simple idea - owning less. Although life is full of surprises, a good ambition is to stay decluttered and continue along this path of owning less. Owning less also means continuing with a regular purge of stuff. The truth is that owning less means a commitment to buying differently. It involves buying with more heart, buying experiences (holidays with loved ones, delicious food) instead of…

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The ART of Letting Go

My mentor Marla Dee (from Clear and Simple, professional organisers in the States) produced an e-book called the ART of Letting Go ( which beautifully describes three stages of change: acceptance, release and trust. Surely it's more important to decide what you're going to leave behind in 2014, than worry too  much about future version of the perfect you in 2015 (and midwinter is a bad time to start big changes). Trust, instead, that without your stuff. you will be OK.…

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Black Friday weekend, decluttered

First, it has to be said - you already know it's madness. Stuff doesn't make us happy, the rampant commercialism is horrific for our mental health, for our society and for the planet. People are still horribly lonely at Christmas and we are all haunted by the childhood expectations that were or weren't met, the love we did or didn't get,  or our circumstances now compared to what we thought they would be 20 years ago. Victorian perfectionism meets Disney.…

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