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The Joy Of Filing

The joy of filing

I don't expect anyone to enjoy filing, to be honest. But I know that people do have a wonderful sense of achievement and control over their lives when a serious filing job has been completed. it is very common for me to arrive and find a filing cabinet that is full to the brim and in danger of jamming. Don't even get me started on the impacts it has on your wrists in terms of RSI and carpel tunnel issues.…

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One step at a time

With a big project, it can be hard to see how an an impact could ever actually be made. So much to go through, so much to think about! The key is to allow small steps in the right direction. Given that decluttering can involve a lot of mental effort, it is important to keep our expectations reasonable and be kindly to ourselves. Small efforts, repeated over time and with a lot of rewards along the way, yield big results.…

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“That’s a decision for the second wave”

I say this quite a lot. As a seasoned beach comber, I have noticed how each small wave will throw some small shells onto the sand, and sweep others back into the sea. Bigger shells that are too heavy stay on the sand until another wave comes. As the tide moves out, gradually there is a movement of shells towards the sea. When decluttering and making decisions, sometimes we just agree to stick to the small shells first of all.…

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I often get asked for it, and people do seem to really appreciate it as it does keep the ball rolling. I don't insist on it, and I never assume it will actually get done. But... I do think that steering people so that they can use time between sessions in a helpful way saves a lot of time and can actually take away some of the stress or anxiety rather than add to it. Here is an example:  …

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Filing cabinet joy!

(Obviously, you don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps.) Today's project was a filing system, updated and organised, with some extra work needing to be done by the client but totally do-able. And joy of joys, the drawers did not jam or stick, and no extreme force was required. This is important because tendonitis, RSI and similar problems are very often traced back to reluctant filing cabinets. Remember, no pain, no pain! Removing the weight of…

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Her encouragement helped me

Calling in a declutterer was a big step for C - his family had been encouraging him to 'do something' about his office for a long time, so his request to declutter was something of a privilege  - to be part of a very personal process. His office contained an accumulation of papers covering his entire professional career. On my arrival, the place was already surprisingly tidy. 'I didn't want you to see the mess' he admitted. Within a few days of…

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No action required

I was asked for some help decluttering this cardboard wallet of domestic documents. I didn't think there was any need to add to the owner's current arrangements as she could find everything and it really looked fine to me! Nothing wrong with a few repairs to the cardboard itself, though :) And congratulations to the owner. Our stuff is tremendously personal and if current systems are working (which these were) it would be quite obnoxious to install 'my' version.  

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The messy organised space

An organised space isn't necessarily always tidy. This photo is from a shop where 5 members of staff use various pens, scissors and catalogues all day everyday. If there wasn't a system - a 'home' for everything, and 'zones' for particular kinds of things, alphabetic ordering etc - they would lose things, keep customers waiting, be unable to complete paperwork. Not all the staff are around at any one time so putting stuff away after it's used is the only…

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