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Treasures We Can Enjoy All Over Again

Treasures we can enjoy all over again

I think everyone has moments where they are simply too busy to organise the fine detail, and have to make do with an approximation of orderliness. So for me it's been a treat when the new site has been created, to take time to find the right photos for blog posts, out of a sea of photo material that gets gathered during decluttering sessions but not always very well examined. And look at the memories of the good times! Sometimes…

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Effective and humane

I was worried that I'd drop dead before making any inroad into this mess. I'm not dead yet - still alive and still worried. I've not done enough decluttering to die in peace. I've found the process very tedious. What I most enjoyed, however, was discovering how Trio's programme was effective and humane. Her compassion. I'd definitely recommend her for her non-frightening manner, her non-judgemental way, and her kindly but practical take. Trio is really gifted in this area.

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One step at a time

With a big project, it can be hard to see how an an impact could ever actually be made. So much to go through, so much to think about! The key is to allow small steps in the right direction. Given that decluttering can involve a lot of mental effort, it is important to keep our expectations reasonable and be kindly to ourselves. Small efforts, repeated over time and with a lot of rewards along the way, yield big results.…

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“That’s a decision for the second wave”

I say this quite a lot. As a seasoned beach comber, I have noticed how each small wave will throw some small shells onto the sand, and sweep others back into the sea. Bigger shells that are too heavy stay on the sand until another wave comes. As the tide moves out, gradually there is a movement of shells towards the sea. When decluttering and making decisions, sometimes we just agree to stick to the small shells first of all.…

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I often get asked for it, and people do seem to really appreciate it as it does keep the ball rolling. I don't insist on it, and I never assume it will actually get done. But... I do think that steering people so that they can use time between sessions in a helpful way saves a lot of time and can actually take away some of the stress or anxiety rather than add to it. Here is an example:  …

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Her encouragement helped me

Calling in a declutterer was a big step for C - his family had been encouraging him to 'do something' about his office for a long time, so his request to declutter was something of a privilege  - to be part of a very personal process. His office contained an accumulation of papers covering his entire professional career. On my arrival, the place was already surprisingly tidy. 'I didn't want you to see the mess' he admitted. Within a few days of…

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Me at the very beginning

This was my first ever promotional photo, used with practice clients and in my first documents. I think the first day the business was conceived was some time in September 2013 when a careers advisor said  'so, blue sky thinking, what would you really like to do?' and I answered unhesitatingly, 'I'd like to become an organiser and declutterer' and showed him the APDO website.

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