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The 'junk drawer'

My 'junk'... this word is a shorthand for a complex mixture of precious and not so precious things. In the picture above are a deeply loved selection of stones, house keys, the dog lead...a number of useful things. The drawer's contents when  I found them were  made impenetrable not only by the drawer's muddle but by the fact we don't really have a helpful name for this collection of things, only an increasing sense of shame about it. Increasingly that made the drawer…

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The Organisation Tourist

The organisation tourist

I do enjoy and admire an organisation job well done. There are lots of environments where good organisation is essential, and a perfect example is the film set I visited as part of a Warner Brothers studio tour. Imagine your leading actor wanting to wave their wand and expel a dementor, only to realise that they can't find their wand anywhere! I saw fantastic sets and props, and learned about the back stage work behind the eight films in the series. Over 1000…

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Clutter and the Oxford housing crisis

In Oxford, where Clear Space for Me is based, there is increasing panic about the high cost of housing and the insecurity that comes with it. It is close to impossible to recruit key workers, as they cannot afford to live here. Some sources have talked about a city that is 'on the point of imploding'. Rental properties are expensive and insecure. Homelessness is very visible in our city and it frightens people. Obviously, decluttering cannot deliver a better paid…

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What is the difference between de-cluttering and organising?

These two pictures may not look particularly different, and the reason is that they are essentially much the same. What has changed here is the control of this space. It is clear from how items are contained according to type that there is no more muddle or mess. However, in this process we were largely repacking a suitcase, not releasing stuff. This was mainly organisation. This job took about 2 and a half hours to do. The task of selecting…

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