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Happy Campers

It may come as no surprise that the happiest of holiday makers under canvas are organised people, good planners, and good at packing lots of stuff into small spaces. So, I've consulted some experienced festival goers  to see which of our camping experiences had taught us the most. From Green Man and Reading, to Glastonbury and even the Burning Man festivals, these people have done it. One even has a special spreadsheet (for Burning Man - please contact me if…

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Destroy In Order To Create – Ending Creative Blocks

Destroy in order to create – ending creative blocks

Bringing about the end of a piece of work is as much a commitment as starting it. This commitment is about recognising what doesn't work, or what we no longer want. To destroy a piece of your own creative work is to announce your commitment to your creative self, and your belief of the importance of what you bring into the world that didn't exist in it before.   “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All…

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Bring your talents out

It must be pretty common to enjoy doing a craft, but to have to acknowledge to yourself that actually, you're not that skilled at it. But you like having a crack at it. No harm done. Perhaps it's part of your family culture, and along the road you've inherited the tools and impedimenta connected to that craft. A couple of generations of good intentions. Hands up, knitters of the nation! Your first task is to gather all of the tools…

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Christmas Part 2: Declutter your Christmas Rituals

Christmas-making is an art form that anyone can get good at. In fact, by the time you've left home, it's unlikely that Santa will be coming down the chimney as he used to, and unless you get busy you might have quite a depressing festive season. Yes, we approach this time with a certain amount of anxiety. But actually, much is in our hands. The different Christmas 'types' What kind of Christmas-maker are you? person of a religious grouping Christian,…

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From chaos to resourcefulness

  Resource no 1: your life story Stuff that is broken, out of date, or that refers to a life we don't live any more, doesn't serve us. In a cupboard, it might be choking shelf space that could be used for things we treasure, want to reuse or have access to for personal reasons. Safely disposing of a pile of broken suitcases might bring about an opportunity to store and re read old letters and go out in the garden with…

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Map your world

I hit an organisational glitch in the last few weeks, with energy levels dropping and some uncertainty as to what I should be doing next. I tidied up, which is always a good start, and drew a mind map of my business. This is unusual for me, as I am something of a late arrival at the mind-mapping party. I drew a map about the size of an A4 sheet. The next day I added to it, and later drew more on…

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Vehicles for emotion – the 'love' bag

No kidding, but decluttering can bring up emotions: wistful memories of times past we will never see again, or dread of things we will have to address even though we hoped we would never have to. Lots of things. Some decisions are just not going to be quick ones, and lots of brewing and mulling and adjusting needs to happen over time. This is fine, so let's call it what it is. If you have artworks that must be preserved, then the…

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The Organisation Tourist

The organisation tourist

I do enjoy and admire an organisation job well done. There are lots of environments where good organisation is essential, and a perfect example is the film set I visited as part of a Warner Brothers studio tour. Imagine your leading actor wanting to wave their wand and expel a dementor, only to realise that they can't find their wand anywhere! I saw fantastic sets and props, and learned about the back stage work behind the eight films in the series. Over 1000…

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Clutter and the Oxford housing crisis

In Oxford, where Clear Space for Me is based, there is increasing panic about the high cost of housing and the insecurity that comes with it. It is close to impossible to recruit key workers, as they cannot afford to live here. Some sources have talked about a city that is 'on the point of imploding'. Rental properties are expensive and insecure. Homelessness is very visible in our city and it frightens people. Obviously, decluttering cannot deliver a better paid…

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The Joy Of Filing

The joy of filing

I don't expect anyone to enjoy filing, to be honest. But I know that people do have a wonderful sense of achievement and control over their lives when a serious filing job has been completed. it is very common for me to arrive and find a filing cabinet that is full to the brim and in danger of jamming. Don't even get me started on the impacts it has on your wrists in terms of RSI and carpel tunnel issues.…

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