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The magic workshop

Mr Gomersall's workshop gives me most delicious shivers every time I go there. As a restorer of antique furniture (and reupholsterer) his workshop contains a thousand treasures. From swatches of fabric to odd-shaped bits of foam, soft woollen blankets to a collection of pairs of pliers, each is a contribution to the whole. Makes me want to get out a sketchbook and draw it. And may I point out, that whole is a working business that sees customers nearly every…

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The messy organised space

An organised space isn't necessarily always tidy. This photo is from a shop where 5 members of staff use various pens, scissors and catalogues all day everyday. If there wasn't a system - a 'home' for everything, and 'zones' for particular kinds of things, alphabetic ordering etc - they would lose things, keep customers waiting, be unable to complete paperwork. Not all the staff are around at any one time so putting stuff away after it's used is the only…

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Why bother?

This is why. You want to live your life and do your thing. We don't always have the resources, the space, or the time, to fit all the things we want into our our life. Maybe it involves innovation or a new look at things. Decluttering is about finding a response to the needs you have among all the stuff of modern life and the restrictions we all live within. It is a totally unique thing. It is all about…

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