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Terms and Conditions

This document describes the terms on which Clear Space for Me would be happy to help you.

Best Advice Advice is given in good faith and it is always your decision to accept guidance on whether or not to keep any particular item. Clear Space for Me cannot therefore accept responsibility for the consequences of your decisions. [See also Removal of Items below.] From time to time, I may handle items which potentially have a high market value. While I will always use my best endeavours to identify such items among your possessions, you acknowledge that I am not a valuer, nor do I have expertise to identify items of special value or rarity, nor am I qualified to advise on valuation matters for insurance purposes. If you require such professional advice, I am happy to make enquiries about appropriate services on your behalf. [See also Referrals below.]

Handling goods When I handle goods belonging to clients, I take great care to look after them. Unfortunately, accidents may occur. I shall not be liable for losses or damage, however caused, and I rely on you to carry insurance at all times which adequately compensates you for any losses or damage which may be caused by me. I am, however, insured as a business for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Removal of items  The decision to remove items from your premises, either for disposal or to move to other locations, must be yours. Disposal will not take place without your authorisation. The client accepts responsibility for any or all items disposed of in the decluttering process.  You affirm you have full right or authority to dispose of such items. The manner of the disposal of items shall be at the discretion of Clear Space for Me.

Hours of work A booking will generally be made for a pre-agreed length of time. However, it is understood that it is not always possible to anticipate exactly how long will be needed. A booking that was for originally planned for three hours but takes five, will be charged for five hours.

Limits of work I will not undertake cleaning beyond the usual tasks that are normally required in decluttering activities. Clients must be over 18. To the best of your ability, you will provide an environment that is safe for us to work in, and inform me in advance of potentially unsafe situations both physical and interpersonal. I do not sell items on behalf of clients. This service is not a substitute for therapeutic treatment for any mental health conditions.  Where there are other needs, for example mental ill health or drug/alcohol issues, these will need to be addressed primarily with a specialist practitioner in the relevant areas.  I do not use a car or van. My bike trailer can carry 40kg at any one time.

Breaks and refreshments   Decluttering is physically and emotionally demanding, so I am happy to pause for short breaks. I will not charge you for long breaks (e.g. lunch) and I will bring my own lunch if necessary.

Referrals   I am very happy to investigate the sourcing of items or services that may assist us in our work. However I can accept no responsibility for your relationship with such service providers, and it is important that you should satisfy yourself that their services and prices are appropriate to your needs.

Cancellation   Both you and I have the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances. Each of us shall inform the other at the earliest opportunity. If you make a cancellation within 48 hours of a booked session, I reserve the right to charge for the session, at my discretion.  I recognise that some clients may struggle with this, and aim to strike a reasonable balance. Informal reviews of our progress will also be included in this process.

Confidentiality and Privacy   Clear Space for Me is a professional service and I would expect to maintain your confidentiality.   This includes any personal or business details that I may see in the course of my work (when decluttering, this is generally unavoidable). I will respect your privacy and personal boundaries. However there may be times when I need to take advice. Within APDO, I may consult other professional organisers about what to do about specific questions of practice. Under those circumstances I would not disclose your personal details. In circumstances that involve harm to you or another person, non-disclosure is not always an option. I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Use of photographs Taking anonymous photographs to record progress in decluttering is valuable and can be motivating to the client. It is also helpful for me to be able to use these pictures in marketing, as they illustrate the decluttering process. I may use these anonymously in my blog or write about them. They will be used respectfully and only with your permission. I occasionally use graphics software to disguise labels and identifying detail where necessary before publication online or elsewhere.

Additional charges Where appropriate, disposal of items may be made within the clients own domestic waste arrangements. I do not hold a waste carrying license and where necessary will source a contractor who does [see Referrals]. My travel expenses may also be added, including travel time of more than one hour. I do not usually charge for taking items to a charity shop at the end of a session.

Payment terms

  1. My time will be charged at £35.00 an hour for an onsite visit during the week.
  2. An initial assessment appointment will normally last an hour and a half and costs £70. If a subsequent decluttering session is booked, £20.00 can be taken off the next bill.
  3. Payment for services is due on the day of provision of services.
  4. I am not currently registered for VAT.

Feedback   All feedback is useful, and I welcome information from you about how you feel things are progressing, and whether you have any questions or comments.

Please indicate your acceptance of these terms by printing and signing this letter, and providing me with a copy when I arrive to begin working with you.

Catriona Watson

Clear Space for Me

Accepted and agreed to

By…………………………………………………………………        Date………………………………………………


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