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Seeing the space emerge

“I wasn’t too worried before Trio came- it was a present so I wondered what I would say if it was unhelpful, but I was pretty hopeful from the start. Decluttering is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I knew I needed to have help. My friend had spoken to her.

My best bit was just seeing the space emerge. I’m now very aware of how much more I’ve got to do. Seeing order emerge was great – it’s not all randomly scattered around the house and on the floor. I didn’t know what was in a particular bag and now I do.

I enjoyed it – her positivity, she helped me be more disciplined. I looked forward to her coming this morning.

I would say – don’t hesitate. This could be something that’s worth doing.”

The ‘one day…’ cupboard has had it’s day

“I knew Trio so I placed myself in her hands confidently. I have a lot of dust. I’m tidyish rather than clean but my standards are always acceptable.
I couldn’t believe how much got done in so short a time – we filled my car after 2 hours work. It’s just placed the whole subject of clutter higher up my agenda. My favourite part is opening up that ‘one day…’ cupboard door and just seeing how it looks now. It doesn’t make me feel like it’s only apparent – it is actually order. There are a million things to be done but I know what they are now. The ‘one day…’ cupboard has had it’s day.”

Effective and humane

“I was worried that I’d drop dead before making any inroad into this mess. I’m not dead yet – still alive and still worried. I’ve not done enough decluttering to die in peace. I’ve found the process very tedious.

What I most enjoyed, however, was discovering how Trio’s programme was effective and humane. Her compassion. I’d definitely recommend her for her non-frightening manner, her non-judgemental way, and her kindly but practical take. Trio is really gifted in this area.”

I can’t fail

“One of my biggest fears is being out of control of the process. But with Trio it was OK to go at my pace. She wasn’t pushing her agenda about what I did or kept – she was a helpful facilitator.

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it exactly but it was very satisfying, feeling supported and motivated to sort things out. Most satisfying is looking at what an amazing difference it’s made. Finding constructive workable solutions feels really good – she hasn’t set me up impossible systems I can’t manage. I feel like I can’t fail to make some of these systems work for me.

Do it! It’s easier than you think!”

K,  Bath

I really liked Trio’s approach

“I was worried I couldn’t throw it away – it was an undifferentiated heap of stuff and strong emotion in the attic. Over 6 months we made a re-examination of the actual use, the difference between the theory and application. I didn’t consciously argue myself out of it. [After personal reflection,] I realised the possibility of loss is a part of everything. When I’d decluttered alone I hadn’t achieved a lot, only really the superficial things. I hadn’t been able to touch the emotional stuff I’d been carrying around for years. The emotional compost heap had prevented me from moving around personally and around my work world. Decluttering [with Clear Space for Me] has been extraordinarily helpful as a service and a process.”

Thank you

“Thankyou for the referral to X, Trio, she signed up. She also said you’re worth your weight in gold, which you are.”

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