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Tricky decisions

I won’t deny that decluttering my own home is a great pleasure. But heck – we all have our dark side. And sometimes those decisions just ARE tough. Family history, our hopes for our creative futures, the future we don’t yet know, heirlooms… it all comes together in a giant frightwig of emotional intensity. Tempers get frayed. People just don’t understand. Phew!

So, what can we do?

1 – try and clean up. There’s something about a clean muddle that feels a bit more optimistic than a mucky muddle. An approach of caring and careful custodianship isn’t going to hurt this problem.

2 – do bear in mind that sometimes working with these decisions takes you through a grumpy patch. People around you probably won’t be aware of how and why that is. Be as nice to them as you can.

3 – get your facts straight. Does the cash value of this item influence your decision? Actually, what is the cash value? Kick those fantasies out, they don’t serve you. Get it valued for insurance purposes.

4 – set up arrangements that work in terms of future personal growth. They will help you feel a little more peaceful about the outcome, especially if you don’t know what the future will hold.

and finally , 5 – “a bad workman blames his tools”. Is the problem you are having with this item a reflection of an issue that’s live for you? Possibly not really about this item at all. So, putting the subject to one side while you give yourself a little time to deal with your own processes isn’t going to hurt this problem either.


Who knows, a little time reflecting on this decision, some good communicating, a little bit of waiting to see how the future you is going to emerge…. nothing is lost here. And that’s a reason why I love decluttering. The way it makes you look, and think, about the world you are creating for yourself.

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